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nxtQ wall mounted

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<p><p>Nxtbase has been developing the “Artificial Intelligence powered Augmented Reality suitcase – NxtQ” since 2016, for increasing efficiency of industrial processes as well as the workers, with financial aid for R&D from the BMWi through the Central Innovation Program for SMEs under the project “mod4mob” development. It has been an amazing journey till date and with the 1st funding, we have been successful in our first transformation of the suitcase to military standard specifications, completely rugged, high robustness, waterproof and water-resistant. Starting from 1st April 2020, we are on our way to grab our 2 R&D funding from BMWi and soon design a new face for our product. Transforming NxtQ from a suitcase to a tiny wall-mounted box for better mobility, with higher efficiency and effectiveness is our vision of the future.</p>

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